we are hiring, please apply by March 15, 2017

Arizmendi Emeryville is a worker-owned cooperative bakery that specializes in pastries, sourdough breads and hand tossed pizzas. As a cooperative we share all of the tasks, responsibilities, benefits and risks of owning a business, including: baking, finance, customer service, cleaning and collective evaluations. We have several self-elected committees and vote-in committees; we make the majority of our decisions by modified consensus. We are connected with the network of our sister bakeries and Development and Support Cooperative and are engaged in creating new co-ops

Compensation + Other Perks:

  • Equal Pay $18/hr + tips +PTO (and profit share after becoming a member)
  • Dental, Vision and Health (Currently Kaiser) benefits offered after 3 months, paid for by the bakery.

o   Chiropractic service copay required

o   Children under 16 y.o  included

  • Up to 48hours sick leave for candidates; Unlimited PTO accrual for members.
  • Pay Advances
  • Semi-permanent schedule
  • Up to 4weeks of vacation / year

30% off for you and 1 chosen person