Arizmendi Emeryville is dedicated to sustainability for our worker-owners, our community and our environment. We believe that, as a corner stone of our community, the business decisions we make can create a healthier local economy and demonstrate how a business can succeed while lessening its environmental impact.

We help create a sustainable economy by paying ourselves a fair wage and benefits, promoting workplace democracy, and bringing the experience of small business ownership to many people who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

We help create a sustainable community by donating to organizations such as Emeryville Senior Center, Rubicon Programs and Food not Bombs amongst others. We’ve also participated in global relief efforts such as fundraising for the Japanese earthquake victims. Our bakery serves as a meeting place and focal point of our neighborhood, existing to strengthen community bonds and serve a neighborhood with precious few eating options besides fast food.

We work with and support other small, local businesses and co-ops whenever possible. We’ve had long standing relationships with worker-owned businesses like Pedal Express and Tech Collective, as well as local vendors such as Veritable Vegetable and In a Nut Shell.

Arizmendi Emeryville is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. We are a Certified Green Business. We compost and recycle most of our waste, use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents, and use purchasing practices that prioritize locally grown and produced goods. We team up with growers like Eatwell Farms to bring high quality produce to the Emeryville/West Oakland area, and are committed to using organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible.