Dear Arizmendi-Emeryville Community,

On Tuesday December 11th, 2018 a car careened into the back of the bakery causing extensive damage to the back area of the bakery.

We stopped operations until we can get the necessary repairs done to ensure a safely operating workplace.

During this time, we ask community members to please be patient and know that we will return.

We know humans are curious, we need to understand, and we want to help.

And we ask community members to give us space to process what has happened, to allow us time to come together to plan, and to hold space for us as we work on rebirthing a new bakery.

The bakery is not just a workplace, it is a community space: a second home for us.

Every day we meet there. We commune. We commiserate. We have conversations about so many things beyond just our products and our business. We are friends. We are loved ones. We all care deeply about one another as human beings.

Please allow us time to grieve the (temporarily) loss of our community workplace; to be so thankful that no one was harmed; and to take the time to bring back not only our beloved workplace community, but the bakery that so many community members have showered love and patronage upon.

We appreciate the outpouring of support & love.

With love & gratitude,

Arizmendi-Emeryville Bakers

P.S. Please know we are suffering a loss. Consequently, being asked repeatedly to retell what has happened and what will happen next is emotionally exhausting for us. We again ask community members to be patient. We will keep you updated about our progress.

Please return once we are operational - that will definitely be of great help to us.

Please refer to the article about the bakery fire for more detailed information.

Teachers, Staff, & Administrators Welcome Back to School

Beginning Tuesday August 22nd - Friday August 25th in honor of teachers, staff, & administrators returning to schools brimming with students Arizmendi-Emeryville is offering $1.00 off purchases made by teachers, staff, & administrators.

To receive the discount just come in order your favorite drinks & goodies, show us your ID and receive $1.00 off your purchases.