What slices do you have? 
Everyday we offer one type of pizza by the slice. Our pizza is always vegetarian, on our sourdough crust, and with whole milk Mozzarella. 

Do you have "plain" cheese pizza?
Everyday we make a limited amount of 4-cheese pizzas that are only sold by the half or whole, but can be picked up hot, or as a light bake to finish at home. Our 4-cheeses are whole milk Mozzarella, Asiago, Swiss, and Parmesan. If you know you are arriving later in the day for a 4 cheese pizza it is recommended to call ahead and we will set one aside for you. 

Do you have any gluten free options? 
Yes!! We have decided to label are gluten free options as "WF", wheat free. We are not a gluten free bakery so there are still traces of gluten in the bakery,  please take this into consideration when buying treats for any extremely sensitive friends. Our WF staples are our pumpkin muffins, Ricciareli, Ginger Snaps, and Coconut Almond Macaroons. 

Do you have any vegan options?
Yes!! On top of all our sourdough breads made in house, we offer a different vegan focaccia daily. We also have our Chocolate Vegan Thundermint cookies which some argue is the best cookie overall! 

Day Old Pizza?!
Some nights we don't sell out of all our pizza so we wrap them up and sell them as "day olds" the next morning until 11 am. Day olds are merely wrapped up, dated, and sold as a light bake to finish at home. They are $10. It isn't uncommon that we sell out on the weekends so feel free to call ahead in the morning to see if we have any available. 

Does Arizmendi bake everything in house?
Yes, yes, and yes. Down to the dog treats.

Suburban Loaves? City loaves? Zero Labor? Daily Yeasted?
This is how we classify our sourdough breads. Our City bread are our "basic" loaves. Suburban bread is our whole wheat blend. Zero Labor bread uses the City dough and changes daily, from Kalamata Olives to Walnut Gorgonzola.  A few days out of the week we offer our daily yeasted breads, a softer bread, like our Potato Rosemary.